Sunday, March 16, 2014

Investment ....... The Best!

An Investment Opportunity....Relaunched

Please bear with me for re-sharing these tidbits. I do so as they may benefit you and me. This is not a Scam and is Open to all Sri Lankans for a short period only.

1. A window of opportunity for investment opens was open before at better rates: now while market comparison is still favorable, there is a may drop further and in any case may cease to be available by the end of the month......

Deposit (in a state approved, safe, financial organization) any amount greater than LKR 25,000.00. Get back XXX *1.525 at the end of 5 years.

Simply.....deposit 100,000.00 get back 152,500.00 guaranteed and 100% safe. After 5 years, ok?  NO TAX: Thus a top of the pops investment!

The kicker? In case you take off from the earth to meet your maker before that, your nominee will be paid 150,000.00 - No questions asked. That is, before 5 years expires

Any conditions? Be less than 55 in age at time of entry.

I already have one depositor with LKR 1,000,000.00 this time....want to join her?

This is fully legal and uses the services of a premier financial organization.

2. If you do not like the hassle of making and renewing fixed deposits, this may be for you......

Deposit/Invest any sum greater than LKR 100,000.00, get the sum deposited and the interest back in equal amounts over 15 years, or approx double back.

If you can wait (deferred) for 5 years for the initial payments, then the monthly payment back to you will be much higher.

For example a 31 year old depositing 500,000 today, will get 4500* per month for 15 years. If he, or she, defers payments for 5 years, then the monthly payback will be 9000* per month (paid over 10 years).
*Figures are approximate as age effects payback

The kicker, Free Life insurance payable on death of Investor, during deposit period, amount dependent on deposit, and if deferred or not. Monthly installment as above will be continued to be paid even if death occurs.

Any conditions? Be less than 55 in age at time of entry

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Final Nail in the Coffin: DTAC and FSA scam

The final events all came together.

I wrote to the apparent awarding company (DTAC) with copy to the Financial Services Authority that I was making the money ready.  

I then consulted with two or three friends on what to do.  This was in contravention with the given instructions that insisted on secrecy.....their opinion was similar to mine, it may be a scam but if its not the prize money will more than make up for the expense! 

The next step was two pronged. I started calling around to raise the money and one friend came back positively.  I then inquired around as to how I could transmit the money...apparently local laws would forbid the transfer unless I could prove a genuine need for such purpose to the bank.  I then wrote to the Financial Services Authority mentioning that I had taken advice and that I needed an invoice. 

My thinking was that an invoice would give some sort of guarantee and leave a paper trail  and also make it easier to make the bank transfer.  I told the FSA that I was collecting the money and that the invoice had to be for goods and services that I was being provided.  In passing I also mentioned that local laws allowed only this purpose and the only other option was for the funding for study of a relative.  

The DTAC which had been copied  wrote to me reminding me of the need for secrecy and the FSA actually sent me an invoice.  What was conspicuous was that the invoice did not have an organizational heading and the transfer had to be made by western union or not at all .  It was also for the credit of an individual.  To top the story the invoice purported to be for the provision of teaching services....

I was now 99% sure it was scam, but greed for the huge prize money was also there.....I wrote to the FSA that the money would be ready in two days.  

Imagine my surprise when I get call from a +61 number a little later and an Asian sounding voice talked to me and asked when I would transfer the money.  

BTW up to now my searches online never once indicated the presence of a scam under the DTAC name.  

When I searched under the number that I had been called from I found one, just one item that helped me... well that link showed me that this was a long running scam.  Lucky me!  So many had shared their story about being duped and actually having paid...

More soon!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Contd.....Was it a Scam? The complex....

The next step.... see below for the previous events:

Financial Services Authority (FSA)
#54 BB Building, Unit 3924, 9th Floor, Sukhumvit 
21 Asoke Klong Toey, Wattana,Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
Tell: +66 - 860777832  OR +66 - 803029762

Dear Mark Rajendran Navamani,

We are in receipt of your e-mail in which you have indicated your interest in our legal services. The Fund Release Order is a document required by most Financial Institutions here in Thailand for the Legalization of Claims, we wish to inform you that the Fund Release Order Certificate is a Mandatory document which must be submitted to the Standard Chartered Bank before any transaction can be made to you. It will legalizes your award and gives the Standard Chartered Bank the constitutional right to release the Award sum to you without any complication from the Thailand Government.
We have also carried out some investigations on your Award as a Letter of Reference sent to us from the Dtac company Ltd here in Thailand we are hereby to inform you that your winning prize is totally Legitimate and currently deposited with the Standard Chartered Bank of Thailand, your winning prize will be officially transferred to your account  as soon as you submit the Fund Release Order certificate to the Standard Chartered Bank Plc Thailand.

According to the Government rules and regulation and approval to obtain this legal document, you are required to complete the payment of the following processing charges to us before we can issue out the document to you, this fund release order certificate will Guarantee you out of money laundering activities according to the  international money transfer law it also legalize your award and empower the Standard Chartered Bank Plc to transfer the winning prize to your account without any complication from the Thailand Government.
Certification Charge:                  27,796.50 Thailand Baht
Endorsement Fee:                    13,400.80 Thailand Baht
Attestation Fee:                         5,747.90 Thailand Baht

According to the approval instruction to obtain this certificate, If you come to our office here in Thailand to obtain this document, you will be responsible for the Certification Charge of (27,796.50 THB) Thailand Baht only which is equivalent to (121,064.35 LKR) Sri Lankan Rupee that is the official payment of the approval Document. If you wish to apply online due to you are unable to travel to Thailand, you will be responsible for the total charges of (46,945.20 THB) Thailand Baht which is equivalent to (200,891.00 LKR) Sri Lankan Rupee being payment for the Certification charges, Endorsement charges and Attestation Charges.
All payments can be made to us through any of the following means;
- Money Gram Transfer.
- Western Union Money Transfer.
- Bank Wire/Telegraphic Transfer
- Hundi Money Transfer

As soon as we confirm your selected option of payment and your FRO application form, we shall provide you with the full payment details and directives regarding how to make the payment to us.

Attached to this e-mail is a scanned copy of the FRO Application form. You are required to complete section (I) only, scan the form and return it to us . You will receive the fund release order certificate within 3 working hours from our receipt of your payment and completed Application Form.

Yours in Service,
Mr. Photchaman Ymcharoen
Tell: +66 - 860777832  OR +66 - 803029762
( FSA Chairman & Head Of Operations Bangkok Thailand)

So what did I do?  Like a good boy I started thinking how I can find the money....and like a cunning boy, I wrote asking if the fees cannot be deducted from the prize money.....

The reply?

Well... here it is:

No. 319 Chamchuri Square Building, 22 - 41 Fl., Phayathai Road , Pathumwan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Dear Mark Rajendran Navamani,

We acknowledge your email regarding the Fund Release Order processing charges, we have officially contacted the Financial Services Authority regarding the above process, it was approved that the issuance certificate will not be issued to you without the clearance of the financial services authority Thailand, please kindly note that the fund release order certificate will empower the standard chartered bank to transferred the winning prize to your destination account without any complication from the Thailand government.

FRO certificate is the only remaining document that will empower the international remittance of your winning prize, please this is the legal procedures of the claim to avoid any complication which may lead to interrogation from the international monitory fund (IMF) Money Laundering activities. Please kindly note that oath of 1961 which was amended in 2001 Thailand law constitution, we are not allowed to deduct any fund from the beneficiary account under the standard chartered Bank Plc Thailand, any individual or company who did so will be called to law and charge to court according to the Thailand constitution.

Based on the instruction of the financial services authority, your winning prize will be automatically transferred to your personal account within seven working hours after the confirmation of the FRO certificate it will empower the Standard Chartered Bank to transfer the fund to your account without any complication from the international monitory fund (IMF) Unit Bangkok Thailand.

Please kindly note that this is the official charges of the legal winner, before the certificate can be issued to you we advise you to contact the Financial Services Authority and choose your option regarding how to make the payment to them. We are not permitted to deduct any fund from your winning prize until all the formalities of the claims is totally complete please we advise you to arrange for the fund and transfer to them immediately to enable them issued the authorization certificate to you without any complication from the Thailand Government regarding your winning prize

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any difficulties understanding the process as I will always be here to guide you regarding the process. 

Kind Regards,
Mr. Jon Eddy Abdullah
Tel: +66-843834036
(Chief Executive Officer Dtac Telecom Company Limited Thailand).

The end result? Still the story goes on.....more next week.  But for those who want to know how it ended, IT WAS A SCAM